QQ3DS : The best 3ds/ds flashcart for New3DS / XL / LL V9.4.0-21 ?

After QQ3DS team announced they were releasing QQ3DS , they officially launched QQ3DS to public sale on Jan.14th,2015. That’s good news for who guys are waiting for it come out. At early time,editor guessed the price will lower than sky3ds for QQ3DS promised to offer the most competive price with more features as they can, just as I made the guess , the final sold price only $76, that’s really an amazing friendly price with much more advantages comparing with other common 3ds flashcards.

qq3ds card
Very humor and fun to us, QQ3DS even disdain gateway for Gw3ds hadn’t supported new 3ds so far but just making their users(ing) with endless waiting for, also disdain the similar 3ds flashcards such as sky/r5/k3ds has a high price to date. Quoted their wonderful news here:

Today, we’re proud of releasing QQ3DS , the best 3DS&DS Dual-mode flashcards for New 3DS and other any versions of 2DS/3DS/3DSXL devices, supporting all the way up to newest sysnand firmware V9.4.0-21!
Neither like some team still making users with endless wait for New3DS compatibility, nor cost inflated price to get poor and less features.
The QQ3DS is officially launched with the personalized features and friendly price, only US$76 , to feedback all of honestly QQ3DS fans!!”

We have to admit they care more  for users , just look at packing added DS flashcard and USB 2.0 card reader expect 3ds flashcard,even if someone will think those just tiny points improvement , but they are trying do the best for users as they can.
Their purpose is clear that QQ3DS will focus on new 3DS / NEW3DSXL and new 3DSLL market, editor think it’s nice idea for the aim and they will sold many cards out with more and more 3ds users trend to buy new 3DS devices.

buy QQ3DS

Editor still think about a question that if QQ3DS has no game limit and also with region free , that will be welcome by more guys for their 3DS or new 3ds consoles…And at the same time , they will be more popular day by days.


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