Why most sky3ds seller can’t accept no reason for return about sky3ds flashcard?

Because once you choose to copy any 10 games into your microSD card at the first time, Sky3DS flashcard will “remember” them and you can only play those 10 games no matter if you change the microSD card or not. You do need another SKY3DS card if you want to play more 3DS games anyway.


sky3ds-04074210 sky3ds-04074211


Where to download the special tool for flashing sky3ds?

Today, sky3ds has been officially released, and they also launched a special tool called “Disk Writer”.

Sky3DS Disk writer Download is Available Now!

Note: this rar file was included “DiskWriterV100.exe” and “template.txt”, please put this two files in the same directory, and run “DiskWriterV100.exe” as an administrator role, also make sure you got a ‘‘Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+” run on your PC with WINDOWS XP/7/8 OS

Amazing Sky3ds Flashcard Announce News

Sky3ds Flashcard Amazing Announce News

Sky3ds flashcart is officially released today!
Today the sky3ds flashcard team has released the news with a video to show that their new 3ds flashcart sky3ds card is working great on the latest 3ds firmware V9.2.0-20 for playing 3ds games.  sky3ds is the first flashcart that can play 3ds games on the V9.2.0-20 latest 3ds firmware.
sky3ds flashcard