Where to download the special tool for flashing sky3ds?

Today, sky3ds has been officially released, and they also launched a special tool called “Disk Writer”.

Sky3DS Disk writer Download is Available Now!

Note: this rar file was included “DiskWriterV100.exe” and “template.txt”, please put this two files in the same directory, and run “DiskWriterV100.exe” as an administrator role, also make sure you got a ‘‘Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+” run on your PC with WINDOWS XP/7/8 OS

Amazing Sky3ds Flashcard Announce News

Sky3ds Flashcard Amazing Announce News

Sky3ds flashcart is officially released today!
Today the sky3ds flashcard team has released the news with a video to show that their new 3ds flashcart sky3ds card is working great on the latest 3ds firmware V9.2.0-20 for playing 3ds games.  sky3ds is the first flashcart that can play 3ds games on the V9.2.0-20 latest 3ds firmware.
sky3ds flashcard