QQ3DS is available for New 3DS region free with NTR CFW 2.0/2.1

The releases just don’t stop, we shared news on NTR CFW 2.0, which is a New 3DS homebrew project that let you play games from any regions on your Japanese New 3DS. With quite a quick turnaround, NTR CFW 2.1 has already been released. This one gives you region-free games on all versions of the New 3DS/XL/LL. In other words, you can play Japanese games on your North American or European New 3DS/XL. Again, this only lets you play legitimate carts (QQ3DS) and is not a method that allows for piracy.

NTR CFW 2.1 is a custom firmware designed for New 3DS/XL/LL, with such features:
Region Free. Region-locked games could be launched in Home Menu directly.
CFW Menu. Press X+Y in games or Home Menu will show the NTR CFW Menu, to take screenshots or interact with plugins.
Plugin support. Users can develop or install their own plugins with libntrplg, plugin will run in the background and is callable via NTR CFW Menu. (screenshot is a built-in plugin now)

And there are more features to be discovered.

Known issues:
You have to hold on power button until the power LED is off to turn off your console in NTR Mode.

1 A New 3DS/3DSXL/LL with firmware 8.1.0/9.1.0/9.2.0. (We will add supports for old3ds and other regions later, however firmware >= 9.3.0 might never be supported);
2 A Cubic Ninja gamecard, using a eShop version is ok.